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Together we create insights and actions that take your business to the next level

Inact provides automated analytical workflows and business consultants that together guide and drive daily actions which will reduce unhealthy complexity in your value chain.

Your way to reducing unhealthy complexity

With our Inact Now platform and our team of business consultants, we help you eliminate unhealthy complexity in four areas of your value chain: Inventory, suppliers, products and customers.

Inact Now

Inact Now is a cloud technology that automates analytical processes and digitizes workflows. Business data is analyzed daily and translated into workflows that guide daily actions which support and align overall business goals.

Using Inact Now enables you to reduce the unhealthy complexity by intelligently translating your company’s data. We create overview, insight and actions by delivering personalized dashboards, KPIs and checklists to key personnel figures.

Inact business consultants

A team of business consultants are with you every step of your journey. Through best-practice methods, we support the setup of Inact Now configured to each company’s individual priorities and business goals.

Over time we follow our customers’ maturity journey and stay with you as a support and sparring team with accessible expert knowledge. Our consultants ensure the solution is continuously adjusted to your needs and that adoption is secured in your business operations.

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Chief Commercial Officer
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