We saved DKK 500,000 in one click

We don't want to make decisions based on gut feeling

Focused work on selected areas and specific goals

One click saved us DKK 500,000

"This tool, which can teach us about our assortment, our products, suppliers and the distribution of our business, has made a huge difference"


Direct savings of DKK 500,000

With Inact Now, Specific Pharma A/S has gained a clear overview and can more easily understand when they need to make purchases. This has enabled them to save a lot of money by canceling old backorders they might not have noticed otherwise.

Dialogue with the board

Every month, Specific Pharma A/S uses Inact Now as a reporting tool for the board. The platform makes it possible to quickly see the development in their inventory value and explain how it is distributed across their products.

Improved communication with sales

The sales manager and purchasing department share information about items in Inact Now. This enables everyone to understand why their inventory looks the way it does. And it saves them a lot of time-consuming status meetings.

Specific Pharma A/S

Specific Pharma A/S was established in 2010 and specializes in supplying unlicensed medicines for special purposes such as clinical trials and shortages. Today, Specific Pharma A/S is the largest supplier of unlicensed medicines in the entire Nordic.


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