From reactive to proactive with Inact Now

How do you work with Inact Now at JP Group?

Why Inact Now?

Policies on the agenda

Insight: What are policies?

Why does JP Group work with policies on their customers?

We use Inact Now as an argument to say: Dear salesperson, you need to do something.

How do you work more specifically with segmentation and policies on your customers?

Basically, it requires the courage to talk to the customer along the way


Strengthened their core business

With the segmentation in Inact, they have been able to prioritize their daily work and see how strategic their products, customers and suppliers really are.

Inact Now is used to identify the most value-adding item numbers (AA). This helps them prioritize in their day-to-day work and has helped them increase revenue by 7%.

A common language

JP Group uses Inact Now actively throughout the company, even when making strategic business decisions. With the implementation of policies, they have a common language that creates a shared understanding of direction.

Increased business awareness

JP Group has gained greater insight and a common language that has increased business awareness. With Inact, they have achieved more transparency that helps create a more profitable business.

JP Group

JP Group is one of the Nordic region’s leading companies in the aftermarket industry, producing and selling high-quality spare parts and accessories for European and Asian cars. They serve around 1,200 B2B customers in more than 90 countries and have around 450 suppliers.