Johannes Fog goes from data to insight

We have used Inact Now a lot to analyze the business

The interplay between Inact and BI

My colleague was surprised that it was so fast - we have not been used to that before

Business Review


A healthy and attractive assortment

At Johannes Fog, they have worked to create a healthy and attractive assortment with a focus on profitability in their business. Among other things, they have reduced the number of product numbers from 25,000 to 14,000.

Interplay between Inact Now and BI

Johannes Fog has successfully established an internal task force to decide whether their tasks should be placed in Inact Now or BI. This results in them discussing all aspects of the tasks, such as how quickly they need to have a solution ready.

Ongoing advice and sparring

Louise Dahlenborg Starup mentions that at Fog they feel in safe hands when changing business focus. Their Business Reviews are used to discuss how to come up with the best and smartest solution to the challenges.

Johannes Fog

Johannes Fog has been selling building materials since 1920 and today consists of a Home & Design House located in Lyngby, Denmark, and nine timber yards and construction centers across Zealand.