Strong focus on KPIs ensures a healthy bottom line

Increased complexity and growth required systematization and automation

Overview with focused goals

"It saves us a lot of resources and time"

Automation and execution drive results

All the way with Inact consultants


9% reduction in inventory value

With over 300,000 SKUs and an extensive network of suppliers and customers, visibility is essential. That’s what Inact Now has done, and they’ve managed to reduce inventory by 9% by focusing on loss-making items.

+19% turnover rate

Convena has set focused goals for their Product Managers based on KPIs that they monitor in Inact Now. Their focused work has enabled them to increase their turnover rate by 19%.

Dialogue in management

At the management level, Inact Now is used to look at their inventory. They look specifically at when an item was purchased, whether it is an AA item or a CC, etc. In this way, they use ABC codes as a supplement to management dialog.

Convena Distribution A/S

Convena Distribution A/S was an international IT distributor with more than 300,000 different products and a large international network of suppliers. Convena Distribution A/S represented customers and suppliers in more than 75 countries and had established offices in Denmark (head office), England, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

NB: Convena was acquired by ETT Group in May 2023