How Mercedes Benz CPH became champions of profitable growth

Obsolescence and high inventory value

Inact Now helps us to execute

Reduced inventory value by DKK 3 million on aftermarket and maintained the same high level of service

Well supported by the Inact consultants


Reduced inventory by DKK 3 million

With Inact, Mercedes Benz has managed to reduce their passenger car inventory by DKK 3 million in less than a year.

Same high level of service

The most important thing at Mercedes Benz is that an appointment is an appointment. This means that when a customer books an appointment, spare parts must be available. Despite reductions in inventory, the company manages to ensure this good service.

Increased efficiency

Mercedes Benz uses Inact Now to automate their analytics and to get an overview that they can use to make correct decisions. Before Inact Now, they relied on time-consuming Excel sheets that were difficult to understand.

Mercedes Benz CPH

Mercedes-Benz CPH sells and maintains Mercedes-Benz cars, vans and trucks and the small smart in Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand. They have over 350 employees across six departments.