CEO streamlines the company's value chain to drive growth

Space problem started the process

We wanted a more efficient value chain

Supply Chain is the key to growth

"For us, Inact Now is a management reporting tool in line with financial reporting"


+7% increased revenue by DKK 20 million

Inact Now is used to identify the most value-adding item numbers (AA). This helps them prioritize in their day-to-day work and has helped them increase revenue by 7%.

Improved service levels - from 82% to 92+%

Through best-practice advisory services, Inact has helped Dana Lim streamline their business and ensure the right focus so that Dana Lim can meet their customers’ needs and be competitive.

Balance in production

Less noise and fewer crises during planning. Inact Now gathers all data in one place, accessible to all employees. This ensures a common language and data-based communication between sales and supply chain. This makes it easier to make the right decisions.

Dana Lim

Dana Lim is Scandinavia’s leading adhesive, sealant and filler manufacturer with more than 400 product types, 150 employees, a factory in Køge, 80 percent own production and purchased land at the factory in Køge for planned expansion.